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You need a full night's sleep.

Let's be real, you'd gladly take an

uninterrupted 2 hour stretch at this point.

But once we team up and put a strategy in place,

you'll be sleeping soundly in 2 weeks.


Let's get you started...

sleep training 8 month old
sleep training 8 month old

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sleep training charlotte nc
sleep training charlotte nc

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sleep training 5 month old
sleep training 5 month old

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Lindsay Sinopoli
Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant

Helping families with their sleep challenges and creating peaceful balance in their homes is my purpose. As a Mother of 2 toddlers, I know exactly how it feels to have exhausted every effort to get your little ones to sleep and still feel like you're treading water, desperate for a peaceful night.


I will connect with you, support your parenting philosophy and walk you through exactly how we will improve your little one's sleep, step by step; no more guess work!

By using evidence based strategies backed by science and maternal empathy, I offer unlimited daily follow up support and in as little as 2 weeks, I reunite families with down time, date nights and a Jolly Good Night's Sleep.

Your family deserves the best and with my extensive formal education in pediatric sleep and double accreditation as a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant, your family is in good hands.

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