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Baby 5 months

Mom Melissa W.

Baby 5 months

"I reached out to Lindsay desperate for help. We tried Taking Cara Babies, our mom and friend recs, and nothing was helping. I had reached out to other sleep coaches as well, and no one seemed to understand that I and my husband were at our wits end. We were struggling majorly and could barely make it day to day.

Our daughter in the mean time was barely sleeping at night. I knew things needed to change, but I had no clue where to start and there was just too much information. I needed a professional and after speaking with Lindsay over the phone, I knew she was the one I wanted to work with. She was the first person that actually listened and empathized with our situation. I felt heard for the first time. Following that conversation, she continued to be our bright light.

She not only crafted a plan that was specific to our family needs and preferences, she also held my hand through the entire process and went over and above in so many ways. She was encouraging, gentle, and supportive and was exactly what I needed as a new mom.

Following implementation of our specific plan, I would say that my daughter made a 180 change with her nighttime and DAYTIME sleep. We got our lives back and I honestly couldn't put a price tag on that. I now have time for myself, my marriage has significantly improved, I am getting rest, and I made a good friend in the process.

The other methods didn't work for us and honestly, I feel like if I had known about Lindsay from the beginning, I would have accessed her then instead of getting so many different sources of information. She is absolutely AMAZING and I couldn't recommend her enough.

She changed my life and if you are even remotely thinking about consulting her, stop now and do it. She will go over and above what you need and meet you where you are at. She explains everything in the process and made what seemed super complicated, simple. We love Jolly Good Sleep and would 100% recommend her"

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