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Baby 4.5 months

Mom Doherty R.

Baby 4.5 months

Is it too drastic to say that Jolly Good Sleep changed our lives??

We were beyond exhausted, short on patience for our other kids and each other, and completely frazzled due to lack of sleep with our 4.5 month old.

Two weeks later and we are new people. The baby's now on a beautiful schedule, is well rested (I wish we had known about Lindsay for our older two!!) and sleeping 12 hours at night with only one waking. This is such a vast improvement for the 5-7 wakes per night!

Lindsay was a dream to work with - graceful, honoring of our family values, and extremely professional and knowledgeable on the latest sleep research. I have recommended her to many friends already, with the highest regards. It's honestly the best money we have spent on our baby and has restored peace and order to our home

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