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4 & 6 year old siblings

Mom Shayna C.

4 & 6 year old siblings

"Former exhausted mom here: If I could tell my younger self one thing, it would be… CALL LINDSAY SOONER!

Well let’s be honest I’m tired, what mom isn’t? I am no longer at exhaustion level thanks to this lovely woman. Lindsay came into our home, gathered the information needed and formulated a plan tailored to our family. This included implementation strategies, bedtime routines, screen times, habits etc.. She was there every step of the way encouraging, reaffirming, holding US accountable and navigating the difficult scenarios that arose with our children.

She was soooo knowledgeable and very easy to talk with. My kids wake up well rested as do my husband and I! We are so grateful for Lindsay! Would (and do) recommend her to any family!"

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