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Toddler 2 years

Mom Hannah R.

Toddler 2 years

"Oh my goodness, Lindsay saved my sanity!"

My son moved into his big boy bed at 18 months and let's just say it was a rapid decline, his sleep totally fell apart and I was at my wits end! He would fight me at bedtime for 2-3 hours DAILY and it was impossible to keep him in his room without laying with him (and becoming trapped)

Lindsay held no judgement whatsoever and has such an empathetic approach, she really made us feel like we could handle anything that came our way with James's sleep! Her plan mapped out for us exactly how to time his naps and bedtime and better still, taught us how to respond during his epic meltdowns in a way that encouraged sleep while still having him feel supported.

By night 4, James's naps made a full comeback and after a 20 minute bedtime routine, James was asleep within 10 minutes and sleeping THROUGH THE NIGHT!

It was not easy, but Lindsay guided us every step of the way, with our's and James's comfort and wellness always a number 1 priority.

I cannot find a way to thank Lindsay enough! She truly has changed our lives and how we enjoy each other as a family"

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