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Baby 10 months

Mom Amy M.

Baby 10 months

"Jolly Good Sleep has completely changed us for the better! We have a sleeping baby! Harry was always waking every 1.5hours throughout the night, and with Lindsay's support, guidance, patience and time, it took 3 nights to change our routine and to have Harry sleeping 10-12 hours straight.

Lindsay gave us a sleep plan specifically designed for us, and made us feel like we were in complete control. She’s very open and supportive on anything we weren’t quite sure about and gave us the confidence that we could it.

We had a plan made for us where my partner, Harry’s daddy, was fully involved and now he has taken over bedtime! (This is a massive step for us as Harry would only go to sleep whilst being breast fed). This has freed up so much time for myself that I’m able to have my evenings back and go to a fitness class, catch up with friends or just to sit and enjoy a hot cup of tea. Once my partner has finished putting Harry to bed, it means we can be a couple again and not just mummy and daddy!

Thank you for everything Lindsay, we will forever be grateful for everything you’ve done! You’ve made a very tired mummy and daddy feel human again!"

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