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The Jolly Newborn Sleep Manual

The Jolly Newborn Sleep Manual

Introducing "The Jolly Newborn Sleep Manual" – your ultimate solution to the chaos and confusion of newborn sleep! Are you tired of endless 3am Google searches, desperately seeking answers to your baby's sleep struggles? I've got you Mama – all the answers you need are right here!


Inside, you'll find scientific insights into your baby's sleep habits and expert solutions for shaping their nighttime routine. No more sleep falling apart at the infamous 4-month stage – instead, watch as your baby enjoys longer, more predictable naps and begins sleeping through the night before you know it.

Welcoming a new baby into the world is a magical experience, but let's face it – it can also be exhausting and overwhelming. Say goodbye to sleepless nights and panic-buying Amazon products in the wee hours of the morning – "The Jolly Newborn Sleep Manual" has got your back every step of the way!


Your manual will walk you through:


  • The Full Sleep Schedule - 4 months and beyond
  • How to create the perfect sleep environment
  • Safe Sleep Guidelines
  • The Nursery Edit - your shopping list
  • Bringing home baby and survival tips - weeks 1-3
  • The science of newborn sleep
  • Daytime/nighttime confusion
  • Sleepy cues
  • Mastering the bassinet/crib transfer
  • Feeds & dream feeds
  • How to soothe your fussy baby
  • What to do when your baby fights sleep
  • Pre-sleep routine - 6 weeks and up
  • Weeks 4-8
  • Weeks 8-16
  • Troubleshoot short naps
  • The 4 month sleep regression



This digital guide remains the intellectual property of Jolly Good Sleep LLC. and should not be shared, re-sold or re-distributed by any person or entity, at any time, for any reason, without the express licencing and permission from Jolly Good Sleep LLC.

  • PDF Format

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