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"There is a science to how our children sleep. Let's get together, and discover the formula to peaceful, predictable nights for your family".



The Ultimate Sleep Support Package

Bespoke in-home consulting

Your package includes:

  • 2 - 3 days of pre-consultation Sleep Analysis

  • 2 hour + In-Home Consultation 

  • Nursery walk through and Sleep Environment Optimization

  • Successful sleep schedule breaking down each element of the day, no more guess work!

  • Bespoke Sleep Strategy detailing each step toward a sustainable, peaceful night's sleep for your child

  • Guides for upcoming milestones and sleep developments

  • Unlimited daily communication throughout our 2 weeks of follow up support with access to and expert daily monitoring of your child's Sleep Diary

  • Suitable for 0 - 8 year olds


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I couldn't believe we started seeing an improvement after just one night on Lindsay's plan! Not only is our son is sleeping better (and feeling better), but my husband, daughter, and myself are too. We now have a new routine that leaves everyone calm and connected as a family with the energy to enjoy activities together. Megan

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Progress we will make

Non-existent or short naps

Refusing crib naps

Increased fussing and tantrums

Draining bedtime battles and tension

Separation anxiety when parents leave the room

Child leaving their bed or room multiple times at night

False start bedtimes

Multiple & prolonged night wakings

Early morning wakings

Non-existent down time for parents

Increased stress and tension

Consistent and restorative naps lasting1-2 hours

Happy baby comforted by their sleep space

Improved mood & behavior, greater learning capacity

Connected and peaceful bedtime routine

Child happily stays in their bed,in their room,

until morning

Predictable, flexible routine

Consolidated nighttime sleep

Easy, consistent morning wake up time

Parents enjoy their full evenings

Improved family communication & boosted immune system

Challenges we will solve

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With Lindsay's sleep plan, my son went from screaming for an hour before bedtime to taking 2 minutes to go to sleep



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