As a new or veteran parent, you have been flooded with advice from grandparents, from your neighbours, even the lady at the checkout who shares her 2 cents while both you and your little one are having a meltdown.


They mean well, but you don't want what worked for someone else's family; you want what works for your family.

As an exhausted parent, all you want is to create as much restorative sleep as possible while still nurturing your beautiful bond and attachment with your child. I hear you, and with an adaptive range of effective strategies as a Certified Pediatric Sleep Specialist, I am here to guide you through it and get your family sleeping.




Practically exhausted in every way?
Together, we can fix that.

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Lack of sleep does more than give us dark circles under our eyes, it has a negative impact on every aspect of family life

baby crying non stop how to stop baby crying

Relentless Crying

Overtired babies and children scream whether you're desperately trying to sooth them or not.

We can fix that

how to fix toddler tantrums

Tantrums and meltdowns

When toddlers are not sleeping, they cannot deal. The slightest thing will set them off and good behavior is out the window.

This does not have to be your daily struggle!

bedtime battle toddler

Bedtime Battles

You've survived a long day at the office on little to no sleep and your child is using every stalling tactic in the book.

All you want is for your children to calmly climb into bed after a loving bedtime story and drift off to sleep, so that they can be well rested and you can handle your business.

I know you, I am here for you! We can fix this!

child falling behind at school

Kid's are struggling

Children have milestones and learning challenges to conquer, they cannot absorb learning experiences at their full capacity on lack of sleep.

I'm here, I will coach you and your children and get everybody on track!

sleep through the night baby toddler waking all night every hour

Chotic nights

We are simply not designed to withstand constant disruptions to our sleep (including little ones!)

You don't have to battle this alone and sleeping through the night is not a dream! We can fix this too!

personal growth parent wellbeing

Personal Growth

When you are sleep deprived, you are running on auto-pilot.

Your brain can get you through basic tasks and processes but expanding your business, home-schooling your children, mastering your fitness goals or willingly enjoying a weekend away with your partner without being consumed by stress is not an option. You can't keep all of the plates spinning.

I will get your family sleeping so that you can grow and flourish in the life you're building!

nao regression bay toddler won't nap

Painfully short or non-existent naps

When little ones are over-tired or their biological sleep needs are not being met, they can't switch off and sleep for long stretches (even though that's all they really need!)

I've got you, predictable, consolidated naps are on the way

PPD PPA support

Who am I anymore?

Exhaustion bulldozes our lives. You're more reactive, less productive, you have no time for yourself or your partner. Self care? Yea right!

You will get your night's back, we will bring YOU back!

family support communication

Poor connection

When family sleep is chaotic, we're all melting down. Trips to the park of even the grocery store become a battle ground.

You adore your children and you just want to connect with them and enjoy time together as a family without the screaming.

I've got you, you don't need to wish away time until you can drop the kids off on Monday morning; Let's fix this!

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