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About me...

Lindsay Sinopoli 

Certified Pediatric Sleep Specialist

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I am a British Mother of 2 toddlers living in Charlotte, NC and I'm so glad you're here.

When my daughter was born in 2017 I was just like you, an exhausted, drained and overwhelmed parent. While pregnant, I didn't sign up for birthing or NCT classes, I just wanted to know how to get my baby to sleep and as a chronic sleepyhead myself, I knew getting our newborn to "sleep through the night" would be the key to surviving this new chapter.

I read stacks of books proclaiming to be the holy grail of infant sleep, many offering zero-crying or guaranteed sleeping through the night approaches, some were even militant and strictly scheduled but still, I could not master the elusive skill of getting my colicky/reflux babies to sleep consistently.
Fed up with lack of access to simple, easy to follow solutions for my family, I turned my obsession with sleep into a business and my education in Pediatric Sleep Consultancy with the Family Sleep Institute opened my eyes to the science behind how our children sleep, the biological factors that drive our need for sleep, and the detrimental effects of chronic sleep deprivation in young children. Through an extensive 6-month sleep training certification program consisting of over 250 hours of education, it's recognised as one of the most in depth and extensive certifications in the sleep consulting industry.
Like most families, my husband and I constantly walk that tightrope between growing professionally, personally, and spending enriching, quality time with our children and believe me, I know how impossible that feels when desperately trying to function on lack of sleep.

Helping families with their sleep challenges and creating peaceful balance in their homes is my purpose. By using evidence based strategies backed by science and maternal empathy, my approach will always be based on parents comfort levels and their little one's individual personality and temperament. With me, there really is no one size fits all approach.

I can't wait to meet you!